DESUI Ambassador’s program

2 min readSep 8, 2023


This is the official DESUI ambassador FAQ to answer all your questions.

When are members rewarded?

Members are rewarded on a monthly basis, 30 days after the stage has begun. The leaderboard is reset each month to allow for new participants to have the opportunity to earn rewards.

Who is rewarded?

The top members of the leaderboard are rewarded (the colored squares in the sheet), with the number one member earning the highest prize. It is important to note that the evaluation of work is performed on an individual basis and the reward is determined accordingly, as some work may merit a higher reward than others. Our previous program model was different, where everyone was rewarded. This also led to us having to pay for low-quality work, as people complained if they did not receive a reward.

When is the leaderboard updated?

The leaderboard is updated on a weekly basis. However, it is important to note that updates may be delayed. Additionally, all work submitted will be reviewed prior to payment, thus members need not worry about their work going unnoticed.

I can’t see my name on the leaderboard?

We understand that this may be frustrating and ask for your patience as we strive to update the leaderboard as soon as possible. It is also important to note that a participant’s name will only be displayed on the leaderboard once they have accumulated at least 20 points.

What are the required Tasks?

° Article writing

° Quality Tweets

° Video making

° Infographics designs

° Memes, stickers,banners,GIFs

° Engagement on all DESUI Tweets

° Social interaction on DESUI Telegram community. (100 words per day)

When can I start?

Members can start as soon as they have applied and their application is approved.

Then will be added in a specialTelegram group (DESUI ambassadors) and everyone has the possibility to earn high rewards by participating in the ambassador program through their creativity and hard work.

Requirements for an ambassador?

° Must have a Twitter account ( not less than 100 followers)

° Must follow all DESUI social media platform

° Must have a medium, discord and telegram account...

If interested apply:


We as a project run on the tenets of individual accountability and group respect. Therefore, any cheating or other actions against the spirit of our project and the Ambassador Program may disqualify participants from obtaining any rewards for assignment completion. Community members are always encouraged to provide proposals for those they believe have violated the integrity of the project and its guiding principles.

If you have any further questions, please ask our moderators on telegram. Stay tuned!

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